Based on a very carefully drawn up development plan, Ovoest could access European funds in 2011, that it invested in Boldur farm of Timis County, transforming it actually in one of the most modern and equipped companies in the egg production industry in Romania; it is a company which totally controls the entire production cycle, from the one day chicken to the egg packaging.

The main object of activity of Ovoest is the production, packaging and marketing of eggs. Approximately 50% of production is delivered in Romania and the remaining 50% is supplied to export.

Ovoest is preferred by many companies in Romania, as well as by major retail market chains like Kaufland and Lidl, and also by many companies outside the country, as it is among the few companies in Romania owning hens growing farms, a compound feed factory and one of the largest and most modern packaging centers in the country, and using the most advanced equipment for sorting eggs.

Another aspect for which we are preferred is that laying hens are raised on the ground and kept in large, clean and covered sheds.

Ovoest has le Naturelle egg brand, fresh red eggs, 100% Romanian, from hens raised in sheds, on the ground, an already well-known brand in all Kaufland stores in Romania.

Another plus of Ovoest is the experience of the specialists in our team, specialists in poultry feeding, veterinarians, engineers who have joined forces to fulfill our mission.