Ovoest, member of the National Union of Poultry Breeders in Romania, is one of the largest companies for the production, packaging and marketing of red eggs from hens raised in sheds, on the ground


The Ovoest hens are free to scratch and have enough space, fact allowing us to say that they are unstressed hens. We know that this aspect is reflected in the quality of eggs.

Our vision is that our mission accomplished as long as we strictly control the entire production process, from raising chickens to the preparation of feed, to the providing of a suitable environment for the laying hens, up to sorting and packaging of eggs by highly trained specialists.

Ovoest egg sorting and packaging center is equipped with the most advanced equipment available in the world at the moment, which incorporates world renowned technology for handling eggs.

The sorting and packaging center was certified according to the International Food Standard, shortly IFS, which guarantees that the quality level remains constant in the operations necessary for sorting and packing eggs.

Ovoest is preferred by many companies in Romania, as well as by major retail market chains like Kaufland and Lidl, and also by many companies outside the country, as it is among the few companies in Romania owning hens growing farms and one of the largest and most modern packaging centers in the country.

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